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hey!! you found my diary! welcome~ my name is tabi ♡ but on this corner of the internet i go by maple ( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ ) this is my digital diary, where i come to relax outside of social media. i hope you stay a while! get yourself a nice drink (maybe a matcha latte? or black tea?) and explore all the pages!


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25.06.24 new page: wardrobe is up! also updated my currently page!

16.05.24 updated a few bits around the site (see if u can catch them!), and added some sites on my bookmarks page! ♡

19.04.24 new page! you can now find my monthly journal spreads here! and updates at photo diary and my currently page c:

11.04.24 new digital journal and diary entries + new updates in bookbug, thoughts, and currently!

22.03.24 new page: thoughts, and updated pages: currently, sitemap and bookbug

15.03.24 updates in Q&A, bookbug, currently and made a new button for linkback!

07.03.24 new entry on digital journal page ꒰* ꈍ◡ꈍ ꒱

13.02.24 a month later update (what a coincidence!): changed some images and little things around the website (feel free to try and find them), and added a small new diary entry.

13.01.24 new layout is up!! thank u vini for helping with the code!! i'm eternally grateful~

13.10.23 updated the photo diary page, now it has captions that make sense!

06.10.23 finally took the time to fix the photo diary page! also made a brand new to-do list page (yes instead of doing what i need to get done i made a whole page about it. that's some gooood procrastination!! i hope to have time this weekend to make a new diary entry too. hope you are doing good today, buddy!

18.09.23 added more blogs i like on my bookmarks + thank you everyone that visited my site and left a little comment on my guestbook! i'm so happy to have reached over 1k views here. i never expected anyone to read it... thank you, really !! (*´꒳`*)

31.08.23 edited some more pages, added a photo diary (but not really happy with how it looks, i need to learn how to code it properly!! added bookmarks, resource links, a link back button (maybe i should make a new one...), a hobbies page... oof! will i ever finish it?

29.08.23 edited loads of pages and learned how to make this box

28.08.23 started the website! my bf had to help with some simple coding issues because i'm a noob when it comes to these things!! i only ever edited very simple code ok !!

1994 i was born
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maple's favourites

  • books:
  • for a list of my favourite books and some quotes, please click here

  • songs:
  • playground love (air) and cloudbusting (kate bush)

  • games:
  • animal crossing: new horizons, poupée girl, neopets, zelda, mario kart

  • characters:
  • miffy, pompompurin, snoopy, amalka the fairy, rilakkuma, howl

  • drinks:
  • oatmilk matcha lattes, tea (so many kinds!), aperol spritz, WATER!!, lemonade

  • flowers:
  • daisies, forget-me-not, tulips, violets, dandelion

  • movies:
  • the virgin suicides (1999), the royal tenenbaums (2001), girl, interrupted (1999), picnic at hanging rock (1975), the breakfast club (1985), and pretty much everything else that sofia coppola and wes anderson makes

  • tv shows:
  • the office (yes, i'm basic), derry girls, twin peaks, the x files, seinfeld, the it crowd, criminal minds & succession

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find me elsewhere in the interwebs:

the lux files
landing.space 2


you can probably find me at home or at a cafe having an oatmilk matcha latte or at the local library trying to find my next read ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ
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my favourite books

a dreamer, i walked enchanted,
and nothing held me back

  • the virgin suicides, by jeffrey eugenides
  • the master and margarita, by mikhail bulgakov
  • rebecca, by daphne du maurier
  • the importance of being earnest, by oscar wilde
  • the mousetrap, by agatha christie
  • the turn of the screw, by henry james
  • lolita, by vladimir nabokov
  • we have always lived in the castle, by shirley jackson
  • dracula, by bram stoker
  • the picture of dorian gray, by oscar wilde

note if you click on the image above the quote, you can find my goodreads profile

maple is a bookbug

if your taste in books is similar to mine,
i think you would enjoy our book club! just click on miffy!
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little bits about me

i have a butterfly tatto in my left arm

my birthday is january 31st! i'm an aquarius sun, pisces rising and libra moon

i don't know how to drive. i failed my practice exam 3x

i have been a vegetarian for... four years i think! the only thing i miss sometimes is salami and other cold cuts in a sandwich.

i love learning new languages - i've been studying japanese for many years (with many hiatuses here and there). i also studied italian for a while (and want to get back), and i'm currently enrolled in dutch classes (only because i live in belgium... i would not choose this otherwise... sorry!!)

some people don't like matcha because it tastes grassy... that's exactly why i like it!! (so fresh!! and with oatmilk... yum! creamy!)

i carry my keys in a sponge bob plushie keychain (i told you these were random)

i only play mario kart with yoshi! (or pink yoshi on mario kart 8) i just think he's fast
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poupee girl

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

i started playing poupee girl in 2008 and had some hiatus along the day (specially when the site closed down!), but i was so happy to find it again as bentewee. for some reason i love this little doll so much!! this game helped me find my personal style along the years and also made some friends that stuck around to this day.

animal crossing: new horizons

under construction !!

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if you wanna exchange buttons let me know! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧


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  • pixels: please refer to the resources pages listed on the bookmarks page

  • collages: made by me on landing and or in photoshop

  • buttons: made by me using adobe photoshop and gimp

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