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hey!! you found my diary! welcome~ you can call me tabi! ( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ ) this is my digital diary and journal, where i come to relax outside of social media. i hope you stay a while! get yourself a nice cup of tea (or coffee, your choice) and explore all the pages

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about me

tabata: tabi, tabs
long-dead authors hold me by the hand

about me:

i'm a ✧starry-eyed✧ girl, and a morning person. i'm a bad sleeper, a collector, and someone who loves handwritten notes. i'm passionate about literature, fashion and taking pictures (they are not good, but I take them for the memories).


reading, matcha oatmilk latte, crochet, journaling, putting ribbons on all my stuff, baby pink, aperol spritz, lowercase text, miffy, picnics, and other cute stuff.

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why maple?

i just needed a username one day and came up with maplebear! i like maple from acnh (i think she's my favourite villager!), and i think bears are cute (who doesn't?), so it made sense at the time! (plus, i didn't want to use any usernames i had used or still use in other places (like ciaotabs, neptunenymph and baudelaire to name a few) ヾ(-ω・*) most people think it's about maple syrup, but it's really not - even though i really do like it! and i still think i prefer honey... (a bear after all, huh?)

୨୧ digital journal


vintage bags

i mentioned one of these days that i was on a vintage bag shopping spree (mostly on vinted) and some of you said you'd be interested in seeing them! so this is for you and whoever else is interested in it. the thing i like the most about buying second hand bags is how cheap i can get real leather! as a vegetarian, i get a bit uncomfortable buying new leather pieces, but i see no issues if they are 2nd hand, as i'm not directly contributing to them being manufactured.

1. reg furla bag
the newest addition to my wardrobe! it's a great size and shape for everyday use, but i got it mostly for carrying things for class. i'm planning on getting back to studying japanese (yes, i'm ditching dutch! reasons will follow on a diary post soon... i think...) and honestly i got tired of carrying a tote bag for class every week!

2. my perfect bag
this one is honestly my favourite bag ever, and the one i use the most! as you can see, i have attached a baby pink ribbon and a little miffy keychain to it. it fits everything i need on a everyday basis, and it keeps it organized since it has two zipper compartments instead of opening to just one big pocket. i got it on a local thrift store, and the brand is okay's!

3. baby missoni
another great vinted find - this square small missoni bag is just too cute! as you can tell, i love brown coloured leather, and this just screams autumn for me. still haven't got a chance to wear it, but i'm very excited to do so! and it fits more than it looks (well, not on this picture i used, all three bags are kinda the same size haha)

what's in my bag?

this has always been one of my favourite posts in blogs back in the day. i'm just a nosy person that loves seeing what everyone carries around... i hope this can be interesting for you to see too!
boring essentials
you know... keys and wallet. nothing exciting unless you think a 101 dalmatians wallet and a spongebob keychain is interesting! they are pretty old by now, but i haven't found anything that i like more to replace them with... i like the size of the wallet cause it fits into most of my smaller bags. the keys not so much, but if i leave the house with my boyfriend then he carries his keys, haha
nicer essentials
i'm the kind of girl that carries little bags inside her bag. the pink thing with the eyes is where i carry my ultimate essentials (really, i don't go ANYWHERE without them): lipbalm and liptint. there's also two lipsticks inside, but the lipbalm and liptint combo is my go to, i open this little bag every hour or so to reapply! the small tins are to carry mints (in the blue miffy one), and medicine (in the van gogh's sunflowers one). the big miffy pouch is for other girly stuff - tampons, pads, napkins, more medicine, band-aids, safety pins, handcream... you name it, i've got it.
not everyday, but often
these are not absolutely always in my bag, but pretty often: my planner/diary (yes, it's miffy, again...), a small pencil case with a mechanical pencil, pen, eraser and post-it notes, and a book! the book of course changes often so this one is just to illustrate. usually if i'm carrying these, i'm going to a cafe to read and write, or to the library (or both!!)


recent fashion obsessions

after some recent fashion shows, specially the sandy liang spring 2024 rtw, i decided i needed to write more about fashion, or at least my current obsessions, since i saw a couple of them being presented in the runways! i feel like now is such a cool moment in fashion, because there's so many different trends going on, or different aesthetics, that... everything is in? and i feel that this makes me more comfortable wearing what i want to wear instead of what everyone is wearing. customizing your real life character is fun again.
butter yellow
i need everything that i buy now to be in butter yellow. it's such a underated, warm and cosy colour. i specially like it in cardigans and tops, or in accessories (a ribbon in your hair, bags, or shoes). for a long time i thought i coulnd't wear light yellow because of my complexion, but honestly, i'm over dressing to be "flattering" most of the time. what even is flattering? i think it should be things that make YOU happy. so what if i look a bit washed out? i'm pale anyways.
red accent
like the butter yellow, i also never wore red. not because of it not being flattering (who doesn't look great in red?), but because all my life i believed it was a "grown up woman" colour. being called cute all the time instead of pretty also lead me to believe i couldn't wear red. now i think i can still be cute in red (*´∪`) and red nail polish on shorter nails? adorable. a red ribbon on my bag or hair? lovely. i really like the look of a red pair of socks with a neutral outfit too. i'm still on the lookout for a nice red leather bag - preferably second hand!
another colour? yes!! look, i've been thinking about chartreuse for a WHILE now. months ago i got a really cute crochet bag pattern, but couldn't use it yet because i cannot find a nice chartreuse yarn! it's just such a fun colour to add to your wardrobe. i think it's on the same level as royal blue, which is also kinda trending. it goes so well with all the neutrals, and with other colours too, like baby pink! however, unlike the royal blue, i feel like chartreuse belongs on accessories. i just don't think it will age as well in clothes. and i'm over buying things to wear just now! cool girls buy stuff to wear for yearrrs!
handmade detail
i have so many plans to customize pieces of clothes i already have, it's insane. instead of buying new stuff, how about just customizing what you already have? a plain white t-shirt that you got a pasta stain on? you can add a cute embroidery on top of it, and it's like a new tshirt! or adding a safety pin with a ribbon on, or sewing a pattern piece of fabric, patchwork style! you can also dye your piece another colour, or remake it into something else (this one requires a bit more technique, maybe a sewing machine, or just take it to a tailor!)
boring is cool
you heard it here first. what i mean by that is, neutral, plain items are just more realistic to be worn more often. this doesn't mean to wear just a plain outfit everytime. it's about re-wearing your items in as many different ways as possible! now, of course this is easier when the items itself are a bit more boring - but, what i consider a neutral is personal to me. for me, pink and leopard print are neutrals. for you, maybe black and white are neutrals. for someone else, all those things are neutrals. we just need to find what works for us, what we like and how to have fun with it. i'm still in the process of clearing out my wardrobe (there's things in there i bought when i was 15 that just don't fit my style anymore!) and shrinking my options (i've come to understand that i get overwhelmed by having so much stuff... plus i ended up wearing my favourite things over and over again. i want my whole wardrobe to feel like this. i want to look at every piece and WANT to wear them)!

you can check the moodboard i made for this post on my landing page!


tabi shoes: a love story

i cannot tell you for how long i've loved tabis... and now my dreams came true! (well, almost, but honestly for me it makes no difference...) i got tabi mary janes! they are not real margiela's (who can afford those?), but a dupe from an etsy shop! they are SUPER comfortable, cute, handmade with real leather... and at a fraction of the price! if you are looking for a tabi shoe, i highly recommend them. anyway, the moodboard is a little inspiration for how i'm planning on wearing them - i cannot wait for autumn weather! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ʸᵉˢ!


ceramics ideas

a moodboard with ideas and inspiration for when i return to ceramics class at the end of the year! i'm very excited to make more kitchen stuff (bowls, plates, mugs!) and to make some as gift for friends (is there anything better than a handmade gift?) i really wanted to already live in my dream house, so i'd also have space for all the cute and unique pieces in my kitchen... right now i don't think i could fit much more in our cupboards!


high knee brown boots inspo

just bought knee high boots and needed some inspo! i think they look nice with socks that are a bit higher than the boots itself, and i love how the brown leather looks with other colours (even black)
adding ribbons to the hair or bag gives it a romantic and feminine touch, which i simple adore ୨୧ it goes nicely with skirts of any lenght, dresses and shorts - i think it will be such a good autumn wardrobe essential (•ᴗ<)


the fantastic

the fantastic is based essentially on a hesitation of the reader — a reader who identifies with the chief character — as to the nature of an uncanny event. this hesitation may be resolved so that the event is acknowledge as reality, or so that the event is identified as the fruit of imagination or the result of an illusion; in other words, we may decide that the event is or is not.
(to read more, click on the image above!)


a strange softness III: ophelia

For more than a thousand years sad Ophelia
Has passed, a white phantom, down the long black river.
For more than a thousand years her sweet madness
Has murmured its ballad to the evening breeze.

୨୧ diary


trip to sardegna

we just spent some days in sardegna, italy - it was such a lovely time! ꒰* ꈍ◡ꈍ ꒱ this time we did so many activities too. usually if it's just me and my boyfriend, we take things slow, walk around a lot, and don't really plan anything. but we went with friends and they are the opposite when traveling! which was a nice change of pace for us. everyday there would be stuff to do and see, and we even booked restaurants for dinner (we never do this!)
day one

on our first full day, we had brunch at our airbnb (big salad, bread, cheese and scrambled eggs! yummy) and then we went for a hike that was suppose to last 2 hours... we took 4 !!! (;▽;) it was a hike near spiaggia di notteri, climbing all the way up to a tower and then to the southest point of the island. there was an amazing view, but the cliff being so near us, and the wind so strong, i was a bit scared! ;; after we just went to the beach itself, which was nice. later we walk around villasimius and found a place to eat dinner (not the best... but everywhere else was full) and i bought a book! it's one i have read before, but this time i bought it in italian, so it will hopefully make me go back to study it harder haha (it's se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore by italo calvino)
day two

we went to nora to visit the ancient city remains - super interesting and the archeologists were working on a part of the site as we visited! it was very interesting to see them digging in real life ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧ and there was so many pretty mosaic tiled floorings... so inspiring! after that we went to the spiaggia di tuerredda to relax on the beach~
day three

we took this day to visit the city of cagliari! it's very pretty, we walked around to the bastione di saint remy which had a nice view of the city, and then palazzo regio which was lovely too! walking around a bit more we found the roman amphitheatre of cagliari - again, very pretty to look at, but it was not possible to visit the actual thing (although they had a ticket booth where you could pay to walk a bit closet to it? very odd and not worth it in my opinion!) at the end of the day, we stayed at the spiaggia di campulongu and watched the sunset. i think this was one of my favourite moments from the trip! ( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ )❤︎

day four

guess what we did... yes... we visited some more ancient remains... this time we went to su nuraxi, a village from the mid-bronze age! it was actually quite fun. the guided tour made it better, too! and then we did a wine tasting tour (much more my style of traveling...) on the audarya winery. they even had a little farm with goats, chickens, ducks, donkeys and a pony! it was a shame that we only traveled with our hand luggage, so we couldn't buy the wine to bring home...
day five (last day!!)

boat tour day!! everyone was so excited for this, the boat would take us to three beaches only reachable by sea plus a cave! there was a problem thought... everyone (except my bf) got sea sick... (-﹏-。) just thinking about the movement of the waves... it makes me feel nauseous again... the first stop was the cave, which was very interesting!! the grotta del fico is a cave high on the mountains, and the guided tour was amazing (also it was such a relief to get out of the boat). we ended up going to only two beaches after that, because the third one was closed by the coast guard! the first beach we stayed for only 30 minutes, which was not enough for us to enjoy it - my bf was on the water, having fun, and we were sitting trying not to puke lol and the last beach we had 3 hours in! i went to the water but it was so incredibly violent that it was impossible to enjoy. the sea kept pushing and pulling you, the waves were big and crashed so hard on you! i almost lost my favourite hat...

let's talk food

now... sardegna was not very vegetarian friendly! (and if you are vegan, i think you should maybe meal prep...) but what i could eat, i did really enjoy. they had something called culurgiones (kind of like a ravioli, but with potatoes, cheese and mint filling) - that was really good! i had it a couple of times. the pizza there was just delicious, as you'd expect of italy! i think that's what i ate the most, as it was always the easiest and more widely available veggie option. but my favourite was a dessert called seada ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و they are a fried dough filled with cheese and lemon peel, and topped with honey!! omg... i'd fly there again just to eat it again! and of course, i had my share of aperol spritz (yummy!!)


getting this website together!!

i'm so excited to finally have a blog that has everything i wanted - previously i tried making a wordpress site, a squarespace, and lastly, a tumblr, but they all had the same issue: i wanted something i could CUSTOMIZE, make different pages, add images wherever i wanted... and that's just not possible on any of those (at least not for free and not with my coding skills *cough cough*
i've always been into blogging, but that faded away with the rise of social media, and i missed it so much! i wish everyone kept a blog still... come back guys i need blogs to read ! !


✧ ˖ my current wishlist・゚

1. en route jewelry: the mixed metal ribbon earrings are just perfect for everyday, and the july ring is just calling my name with all the pretty colorful gems
2. boris bear: my miffy plushie needs a friend
3. yarn: not necessarily pink, just trying to find a cute and unique one to make a bag - i bought a cute pattern but never used it!
4. the frenchman's creek by daphne du maurier: i love her books, and after i found this perfect edition from folio society's… not a want anymore, but a NEED!
5. fresh flowers for the house. always.
6. buttons: i'm thinking of replacing some of my cardigan's boring buttons with cute ones - a simple way to renew clothes you already own!
7. a miffy tattoo: not exactly that image, but i'm thinking thoughts!!
8. ikea gursken: a practical wishlist item. i just need to replace the ugly bedside table i currently have with something more spacious!
9. denim dungarees: the ones i have are ripped at the knees and that's not my thing anymore (i'm cutting them and making them into short dungarees), so i want a pair of plain ones!
10. a good pair of straight leg denim pants: everyone should have one. i don't have one. you do the math.
11. boston birkenstocks: a recurrent wishlist item: i think if i wanted them for this long, it means i will really wear them!

about this website

why i made it

i have always had blogs when i was younger, but they were all very very simple. i always dreamed of having a place online where i could fully customize it! with the rise of social media, i slowly stopped having blogs. i always missed it, but since no one close to me was making them still, i never looked into it - that was until june 2022 when i created the lux files - an archive of articles, journals, book chapters and other literature related things that i love! that will still be updated just as before (that means whenever i feel like it lol)


feel free to navigate through all the pages listed on the sidebar - there's quite a few that are not listed there, but that you can find as a little link (like this!) when you read some pages ヾ(-ω・*)


13.10.23 updated the photo diary page, now it has captions that make sense!

06.10.23 finally took the time to fix the photo diary page! also made a brand new to-do list page (yes instead of doing what i need to get done i made a whole page about it. that's some gooood procrastination!! i hope to have time this weekend to make a new diary entry too. hope you are doing good today, buddy!

18.09.23 added more blogs i like on my bookmarks + thank you everyone that visited my site and left a little comment on my guestbook! i'm so happy to have reached over 1k views here. i never expected anyone to read it... thank you, really !! (*´꒳`*)

31.08.23 edited some more pages, added a photo diary (but not really happy with how it looks, i need to learn how to code it properly!! added bookmarks, resource links, a link back button (maybe i should make a new one...), a hobbies page... oof! will i ever finish it?

29.08.23 edited loads of pages and learned how to make this box

28.08.23 started the website! my bf had to help with some simple coding issues because i'm a noob when it comes to these things!! i only ever edited very simple code ok !!

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you can probably find me at home or at a cafe having an oatmilk matcha latte or at the local library trying to find my next read ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ
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my favourite books

a dreamer, i walked enchanted,
and nothing held me back

  • the virgin suicides, by jeffrey eugenides
  • the master and margarita, by mikhail bulgakov
  • rebecca, by daphne du maurier
  • the importance of being earnest, by oscar wilde
  • the mousetrap, by agatha christie
  • the turn of the screw, by henry james
  • lolita, by vladimir nabokov
  • we have always lived in the castle, by shirley jackson
  • dracula, by bram stoker
  • the picture of dorian gray, by oscar wilde

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interview with the vampire, by anne rice

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little bits about me

i have a butterfly tatto in my left arm

my birthday is january 31st! i'm an aquarius sun, pisces rising and libra moon

i don't know how to drive. i failed my practice exam 3x

i have been a vegetarian for... four years i think! the only thing i miss sometimes is salami and other cold cuts in a sandwich.

i love learning new languages - i've been studying japanese for many years (with many hiatuses here and there). i also studied italian for a while (and want to get back), and i'm currently enrolled in dutch classes (only because i live in belgium... i would not choose this otherwise... sorry!!)

some people don't like matcha because it tastes grassy... that's exactly why i like it!! (so fresh!! and with oatmilk... yum! creamy!)

i carry my keys in a sponge bob plushie keychain (i told you these were random)

i only play mario kart with yoshi! (or pink yoshi on mario kart 8) i just think he's fast
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i tried knitting first (went horribly! how do you hold two needles at the same time?)


currently i only play x and y


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